Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a wrap.

Three orders into my Etsy career means that there have been three packages to create this week, and here's what I've come up with:

Upcycled origami box with dictionary "ribbon" and vintage button accent.
Equally upcycled pillowbox with vintage sheet music/vintage button "ribbon."
Variation on the origami box theme with curling dictionary "ribbon."  ( I promise you, it's all the same half-trashed dictionary that I rescued from the thrift shop years ago...I wouldn't just go about randomly---get it? randomly?--- hacking up reference books...)

Instead of cotton inside, I used a piece of felted green wool to cushion the goods.  Which design do you like best?   And does anyone have any idea where I can get pre-loved bubble wrap and small shipping boxes?  It goes against my eco-sensibilities (and my frugal ones, too) to buy new ones when there must be someplace out there that's recycling---or worse: throwing out---just the supplies I need.  

Happy Sunday...


  1. Your boxes are beautiful Wendy. I love them all. Can't help you on the shipping boxes but you could try an appliance store for the bubble wrap.

  2. Brown paper packages are the BEST. Tied up with string - or random dictionary pages...

  3. Oh I'm loving your packaging Wendy! a woman after my own heart.
    it's hard to choose a favourite, but I think it might be the the first one, with the button xo

  4. Yahoooo!! How wonderful you must feel about those three orders. Congratulations. I love the packaging.

  5. oh they are great! love the dictionary wrapping! over here in australia we have freecycle which is where you find odd stuff like second hand bubble wrap. Do you have it over there - i think it is world wide.
    hope you find something. hope the orders keep rushing in.

  6. These packages are so gorgeous!!! I love them!

  7. Mine was amazing! Love the box! I'm with Umatji-Freecycle. Also, check with some of the jewelry shops in the area-they get small packages in all the time. What could they POSSIBLY be doing with all of those tiny boxes? :)


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