Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Creative Space: Etsy!

It's done.  For all of you who've been listening to me whine and moan about the rigors of Etsy-shop-creation, here is the fruit of our labor!  My teeny little shop, always greener, opened its virtual doors very quietly last week, and made its first sale while its keyboard-ravaged proprietress slumbered last night.  (Thanks, Nic!)

I hope your creative space has been as exhilarating as mine has this week...
(And on a more humble note, check out my gap-toothed daughter!)


  1. Dearest Mrs. B
    You are the coolest crafter around.
    Love all the shinys :)

    Your humble Fan club

  2. Congratulations Mother Merchant!

    I know who'll buy that tooth. The tooth fairy pays top dollar for one of those.

  3. Yay and double yay on the etsy shop! Loving the little tooth box (and your gap toothed daughter. So cute!)

  4. Congrats on your etsy shop!!! wooowwwooo!!!

    Love the little tooth fairy box :)

  5. That's the third tooth losing kiddie I've come across in the last 24 hours!
    There must be something in the water.

  6. YYAYY Wendy!!! Can see why the necklace went so quickly too, it's gorgeous.
    and love that tooth holder xo

  7. Yay!! Congrats Wendy! Such a great accomplishment :-)
    And btw, my 2nd has lost 8 teeth since xmas...the tooth fairy is going broke!!

  8. Trust you to have the cutest little tooth-keeper ever, Wendy!!

    Yay for your etsy shop! What a great achievement. I'll be watching you to see how you go and cheering for you all the while. x

  9. Congratulations!! My 3rd girl swallowed her last tooth & the tooth fairy forgot, ooppss. Love Posie


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