Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Creative Space: Roadtrippin'

The Huz, the Munchkin and I set out this morning for some serious Pesach shopping in Chicago---a prospect that filled each and every chamber of my heart with glee.  First and foremost, I was guaranteed 90 minutes of travel time in each direction, which translated into three hours spent making findings and components without stopping to wash dishes, flip the laundry, answer the phone, or help a certain small person with her "paperwork." 

Furthermore, Chicago has a kosher Dunkin' Donuts.

And a kosher Subway.

And a Chinese take-out joint, among others.
 We availed ourselves, astonishingly, of all three.
The actual shopping part of our day was close to painless, though it did involve three shopping carts and an appalling amount of back and forth on the merits of frozen fish vs. fresh.  And a really patient cashier, and a remarkably tenacious young man who helped load all of those groceries into my van, which seemed suddenly smaller once confronted by the bevy of bags we hoped to pack inside.

Anyhoo, the creative bit of this journey happened on the way home---sleeping baby, NPR droning ceaselessly in the background---and suddenly a design I've been working on just clicked.  I am completely and utterly spatially challenged, and things that are glaringly obvious to most folks tend to come a little slower to me.  So I'm sitting there, wire-doodling, and all of a sudden, boom.  Big lightbulb moment.  It'll be in the shop tomorrow...

Speaking of the shop, when I got home and put the multitude of groceries away, I checked my Etsy.  Wonder of wonders, my Magic Onion earrings had been featured in a treasury!  Much happiness ensued.

More stationary (and less gluttonous) creative spaces here.


  1. Sounds like great fun ! Congratulations on your Etsy feature , well done !

  2. Great news on the Treasury Wendy and your shopping trip sounds like it was very successful. Love that you managed donuts, subway and chinese food on your trip too! Well done!


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