Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feel like a Winner?

With all of the prep for Pesach, the novelty of running the Etsy shop, and the usual thrills, chills and excitement that are part and parcel of my daily grind, I've decided to chuck another log on the fire and have a little giveaway. The lucky winner will get a pair of uber-cool Dictionary Sacrifice Earrings similar to these:
I say "similar" because I've only got one big dictionary to chop up, and the ones in the photo are headed out to their new home (hi, Katie!) in the morning.   So I'll whip up a custom pair for my giveaway winner (it could be you!) and send them out in one of my fancy-schmancy, handmade, eco-friendly, upcycled, origami boxes.  Here's the deal:  all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment on this post with a "________ &__________" combination.  (Twist & Shout, Pickles & Ice Cream, Mutt & get the picture, right?)  For a second entry, you can choose to become a follower of my blog or "like" Always Greener on Facebook.  Easy-peasy, right?  I'll draw the winning name on Thursday, April 21st.  Good luck!


  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly!
    (And I already like you :) )

  2. Peter and the Pipe ( two old bears of mine who've been together forever)
    Peter is magnificent , although almost completely bald. Peter was once a gandolar driver in Venice, is a fabulous cook, dancer and is fluant in 5 languages including Mandarin, one of the hardest I've heard.
    the Pipe well, he has major anxiety issues, major. SO much so that his wee shoulders are now fixed up.
    I know this is not a known something and something, but it's the known one to me.
    because they are always together and always have been xo

  3. Poo and wee?

    That's all I can think of. Sorry.

  4. the two loves of my life: Ben & Jerry

  5. Coffee & Cream
    Cat & Fiddle
    Love & Marriage
    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern (probably not in the Webster!)
    Sun & Moon

    PS--I LOVE these earrings! You have always loved words, Wendy and this really highlights that affection.

  6. Alpha and Omega.. the beginning and the end!

    STILL love these earrings....

    - from <3

  7. Fire & Ice; Saint & Sinner; Id & Ego; Alpha & Beta; Oil & Vinegar; Chocolate & Wine; Cake & ice cream... I could keep going but I need to get back to work! :-) - Leah

  8. Both because of the taste and because my name starts with the same letter, I've always been fond of M&Ms.

    All the jewelry looks great - go you!

  9. Role model & Friend = what you are to me (heehee)
    Mom & Dad = the most important people in my life

    These earring are soooo cute! If they weren't already taken, I'd choose Pride & Prejudice for my favorite book ever! Love you.

  10. Cream & Sugar
    Black & White
    War & Peace
    Sense & Sensibility
    Spaghetti & Meatballs
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    Boys & Girls

  11. Brothers & Sisters

    Miss you tonz mrs. b

  12. Sugar & Spice?
    Sturm und Drang?
    Tweedledee & Tweedledum?
    Left & right?
    Right & wrong?
    Heaven & earth?

    Hugs & kisses!

    P.S. I'd follow you anywhere (come to think of it... have been following for a while now... but... where are you going?)

  13. High Jinks & Shenanigans (I know I already ordered these, so it would be cool if I won.)
    Saint & Sinner
    Bells & Whistles
    Pomp & Circumstance

    And what if we liked you from the very first day? :D

  14. Just thought of a few more...

    Jeckle & Hyde
    Laurel & Hardy
    Abbot & Costello
    Romeo & Juliet
    and has no one suggested Bread & Butter?


  15. Oooh... another one... the birds & the bees!

  16. Spic & Span...
    Love & Marriage...
    Fingers & toes...
    Schmutz & Dreck...
    Liver & onions...
    (someone stop me before I hurt myself.)

  17. Milk & cookies...
    Cheese & Crackers...
    Horse & carriage...
    The Owl & the Pussy Cat...
    Good & evil...
    Wine & roses...
    In like a Lion & out like a Lamb...



  19. I already posted but wanted to add a more useful suggestion. There's a store I know with a big sign: BOOKS & FOOD. I always thought that looked particularly appealing.

    Also... sunrise and sunset, up and down, in and out, you and me, here and there.


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