Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For the Gal Who Has Everything...

I'm impossible to buy for.  I hate cut flowers, have an antipathy for tchotchkes, and don't use drugstore bath and body products.  I get my books from the library, my confections from my Kitchen Aid, and I'm very, very picky.  Once my poor husband ordered me three beautiful skirts that he'd overheard me admire on my (hip-less, 20 year old) neighbor.  Being that I was 10 years older and 60 pounds heavier than she, I didn't get a whole lot of wear out of them.  But I digress...the point here is that Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I want a gift.

So I scrounged up a handful of pennies with my kids' birth years on them,

(which actually necessitated a mad piggy-bank-raid and a trip to the bank, thank you very much...)
and I set about making myself a bracelet.  Except that I have small-ish wrists and six kids, so I ended up with a necklace.

I am wearing it right now.  Which may well be against the rules, but I'm so crazy in love with it that it's just not coming off anytime soon.  
(Insert segue here.  I have to go pick up carpool.   I can't be all writer-ly with time constraints like these.)

I'm participating in an auction to benefit a local 11-year-old boy who lost part of his leg in a train accident last weekend.  His cousin is a fellow Estian and member of Team WIST, and is coordinating the auction to help defray the costs of his medical care.  Pop over and see what goodies are up for grabs...

Also, I have lots of buttons.  Aren't they cool?


  1. Oh my gosh that is so clever and adorable!! Can I get one with my kids years?

  2. i could happily play with my button tin for hours!


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