Monday, May 2, 2011

If you're going to The Windy City... sure not to leave your camera on the kitchen counter.  Especially if you were planning to blog about your trip.  Because, really, who wants to hear about your trip to The Museum of Science and Industry and your fabulous lunch at Malibu Pizza if they can't see pictures of your kids terrifying museum employees and waitresses alike?  Your readers will want to see visual evidence of The Tuna Melt That Could Feed a Nation, and the damage you did to it in just one sitting.  They'll want to eyeball the whole brood as they bounce, pinball-esque, from exhibit to exhibit, and of that same cast of characters conked out in the car on the trip home.  Sorry, folks.  I dropped the ball.

Luckily, I do have photo documentation of  how I whiled away the ride to and from Chi-town.  

I made enough headpins for 30 sets of Dictionary Sacrifice Earrings.  
(And four camera-shy origami boxes.)

I made scads of infinity links.  Which means there's probably another button necklace (or six) in my immediate future.  

And I made oodles of heart bookmarks.  
Note to selfJust because you like the way steel wire shines up in the tumbler doesn't mean you should put 20-some-odd wire curlicues in there together.  Because you'll end up with something like this:
Which will give you something to do on the way to the doctor's office (I love being a passenger---I accomplish so much when I'm not driving!) while you take ALL SIX KIDS to the pediatrician for their camp physicals. 

Which is how I spent my afternoon, thank you very much.  

All six of them.  The doctor thanked me when we left.  
For leaving, I think.  He was mildly traumatized.

Yeah, me too.


  1. I think the photos you took with your words will suffice! The tuna melt description was particuarly visual! x

  2. Oh, Wendy... you make me giggle (and yes, as Maxabella says, "The photos you took with your words will suffice!)


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