Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Creative Space: Lint (and Stuff)

Overheard on my lap only moments ago:

Akiva:  Shani, if you come and help me with the laundry, I'll let you play with this.....(pregnant pause)...lint!

He then produced a fist sized wad of dryer lint and offered it to his bewildered sister.  I swear.

(She didn't take the bait, in case you were wondering, and he continued about his laundering unescorted.)

In other news:

The Huz has returned from his five-day hospital stint.  The kids had as much fun visiting him as they would on any field trip.

Look what's heading into the shop tonight:

I have been tumbling the same batch of glass for a week, with very little change.  Sure, the edges are nice and smooth, but there's been none of that "frosty sea-glass" effect I was aiming for.  I'll set out in pursuit of some better grit---did I really just say "better grit?"---tomorrow, and we'll see if that helps any.  Meanwhile, I was playing around with some nice, thick annealed steel wire this afternoon and ended up with this bracelet:

And I really loved it.  But then, I got to thinking.  And I chucked that puppy in the tumbler with a couple pounds of stainless steel shot, and looky here!

Shiny!  I have to confess, I've been playing with it all evening.  The kids are starting to think I'm strange.  So as soon as I get some decent pictures, into the shop it goes.  It needs a name, though...any ideas?

Also, it rained today.

So  I figured I'd hit you with a couple of gratuitous kid-with-umbrella shots.

And speaking of gratuitous:

That would be the 2 year old.  Clutching her security-Glee-booklet.

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  1. You never cease to amuse me.
    And i think "Shiny" is a good name :)
    And shani... oh Shani.

  2. Such a funny post! I hope your husband is okay. Was he barefoot and pregnant? All this time I thought you were the one who had the babies!

    You could name that metal thing 'Ringo'.

  3. I NEED those Barefoot and Pregnant earrings. NEED!!!!

  4. I missed the fact that Jess was sick - glad he's on the mend. Refuah Sheleima! I cannot wait to get my earrings in the mail!

  5. Your kids are gorgeous, I love the lure of the lint, classic!! Your work is fantastic, loving those earings too, clever!xx

  6. wow, that bracelet looks so lovely

  7. how did i miss the Huz has been sick. I'm sorry i did, but I'm glad he's back with the gang and home.
    can't wait to see this sea glass when you are happy with it. I love sea glass too.
    also love your chunky bracelet.

  8. great work, the bracelet looks fab! how about loopy lucy?!

  9. First time tuning in here from a fellow Moo Crew member. I hope your husband is on the mend. Your children are bright and beautiful...and btw you can make handmade paper out of dryer lint. As for the glass, unfortunately you will never get the frost look from tumbling. The frosting happens when water and time leach chemicals from the glass, leaving pits and frostiness. I have a couple of pieces that I bought that were tumbled, and then I have my huge collection of glass I've found myself...there is no comparison between surf tumbled and tumbler-tumbled. I'd be happy to send you a few pieces from my collection for you to play with, though, if you'd like!

    Name your bracelet? Land of Linkin'?

    Finally...I absolutely love your ampersand earrings! VERY original!!!

  10. I'm just going to take from all this going on is that you married a man with dimples, no wonder you have so many children, ditto. Love Posie

  11. what a lot of great stuff!! Glad hubby looks so he okay? Love the circles on the bracelet (love it shiny too!). Why Glee??
    have a great weekend Wendy :-)


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