Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Creative Space: Packed.

This morning, I gathered my tools and materials and laid them reverently inside the pair of tackle boxes I picked up at last weekend's rummage.  The contents of my shop were bagged, tagged, and stashed in our already full-to-bursting van, ready for our Sunday morning roadtrip---to camp! 

(Actually, to remedy the full-to-bursting situation, I snagged myself a set of Space Bags.  Veddy impressive...much more room now!)

The kidlets are counting the hours till our 5 AM departure time.  We'll be making the trip in one day, although it's a 15 hour ride, so we can make it to my "little cousin's" high school graduation in New Jersey on Monday.  I'm hoping I make it through the trip with my sanity in one piece.  (Stop laughing. You, too.)

Speaking of pieces, I put a few bits and bobs together last night, knowing the tool-packing would commence today.  I had an amazing thrifting day yesterday, and scored a huge jar of vintage buttons.  Which lent themselves nicely to these:
Creamsicle Ring

Shiny: Sewing Box Sacrifice Earrings

I'm a little in love with them all, especially that first pair of earrings.  And I had to make my firstborn a ring--she's been nudging me for this little conversation piece since she came across the button in the center:

What's happening in your space this week?


  1. I LOVE LOVE the first pair of earrings too, the green ones, even though they are all smashing. Don't you love kids, exciting and counting down to
    a 5am departure.
    where does that enthusiasm go? In my books there's nothing to be excited about doing anything at 5am. ( not a morning person ) xo

  2. I love those first earrings too. I have a friend whom I think may like a set of your earrings for her birthday. I'll wait 'til you get back.

    If I can find my own spacebag, could I come to camp?

  3. I love them all! I really like your taste and style! Have fun travelling! :)

  4. Hey I was just thinking about your magnificent buttons! I have seen button necklaces before but her tut makes it sound easier than I thought .....that's using thread, but suppose you could use wire too, no? Anyway, I'm just thinking out loud. Have fun on the road and camping. Don't forget the marshmallows!

  5. Love a road trip! Those button rings are just lovely..


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