Friday, June 10, 2011

Rings on her fingers (no bells on her toes...)

So last night ---late last night...I should have been snoring soundly---I was flitting about the blogosphere when I found this little chunk of fabulousness.

photo (and rings!) by Michelle Stolz, Aisle 3

'Chelle over at Aisle 3 made some gorgeous, fabric and button business-card rings.  She used Fabric Stick--an iron on printable stabilizer---with some scrap fabric and buttons to create an adorable freebie to give out at shows and events.

I mulled this one over for awhile, loving the idea but not keen to lay out the dinero for Fabric Stick, and wanting to tie the whole thing in with my "brand."  Just after I fell asleep---best thinking time for me!---I realized I could probably make a spin-off of' Chelle's goodies with what I already had on hand.  (Hurrah for the skinflint upcycler in me!) I managed to quell my enthusiasm for 6 hours---no small task, that---and woke up ready to cut up brown bags and dictionaries.  Long story short, it took forever to get my printer to behave, but I'm pleased as punch with the results.

And inside...
And the take-ee will have a lasting reminder of my shop---my own little ad specialties on the cheap...and green!

Very, very, happy!


  1. You're so clever.

    Your mind works 100 miles-an-hour, doesn't it?

    Dictionaries run scared!!

  2. Haha ~ your best thinking time is AFTER you have fallen asleep!?!? Do you EVER stop??

  3. love these!!! would totally wear one!


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