Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good golly, where'd my day go?

This Sunday has been brought to you in part by The Twitter Vortex.  And the Facebook Vortex.  And the Oh-my-goodness-I'm-on-One-Pretty-Thing-and-I'd-Better-check-my-stats-again Vortex.  And, of course, the Etsy Time Vortex.  So pretty much, I spent the day clicking...and cooking.  Because the rest of this placid Sunday was brought to you by Oscar the Grouch's Good Green Stuff (spinach quiche...shhh!), a triple batch of challah, Raspberry Meringues, and Pizza Rolls. 

How was your Sunday?


  1. Ugh. My Sunday was far too long ago already! Really keen to try making challah soon... Obviously it gets gobbled up in your house. How are those stats since one pretty thing eh? Xx G (ps glad I'm not on Twitter or facebook, i get sucked into the ethernet enough as it is!)

  2. lol! happens to the best of us!


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