Monday, July 11, 2011

DI Why?

I'm the world's biggest proponent of doing most things on a low-budget and ratcheting up the elbow grease to accommodate my frugality.  Until last week, when I'd spent days painting clever quotes on the art room walls like this:
Step one:  Print quote in desired font.

Step two:  Turn printed quote over and scribble madly (and heavily) on the back with a pencil, making sure to cover the entire letter on each sheet.

Step three:  Tape each sheet, penciled side to the wall, against the surface to be decorated.

Step four:  Trace the outline (on the front of the page, which should be facing out) darkly with pencil.
  Voila!  Like magic, a hazy, fuzzy image of your letter--perhaps missing small details, like serifs and such--has been transferred to your wall!

So after a couple of days of incessant pencil sharpening, I had myself a little revelation.
Carbon paper.

I'm amazed I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way to Office Depot.  And I hesitated not fraction of a moment when it  came time to fork over my hard-earned cash for that $18 package of black gold, knowing the amount of work it would save me.

I was right.  The quotes are going up chock-a-block now, and my investment was one of my better ones.

When is DIY less than wise for you?  Do you feel compelled to Do It All, or do you take the cheat's way out, like me, on occasion?

In other news, I hung The Most Wonderful Pegboard In The World this week. 
And made hairclips out of water bottles.


  1. Hahaha... yeah sometimes I do something and even think to myself "if I had done this the hard way it would have been amazing to blog about...." but TOO BAD! :P Sea Marie

  2. Hey, I just figured out what "up-cyle" is!


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