Friday, July 15, 2011

From Rachmy's Journal:

This morning, I woke up and found Rachmy's journal at my bedside.  In case you're not able to see the details in my hastily snapped photo, I'll summarize:
Posted by PicasaThere's a picture of a leg.  (It's labeled "leg" in case the reader should falter.)  Then there's a commentary: "bad."  If you're wondering what's bad about his leg, the offending object is labeled as well: "leach." (sic.) This "leach" is evidently representative of the bevy of leeches that he managed to acquire on yesterday's foray into the lake.  Which his sister was privileged to remove, with steady hands and unsteady stomach,  in her role as Nurse's Assistant.  We will not discuss the blood. 
Who knew I'd be lucky enough to witness such a display of siblingly fortitude?


  1. Priceless and how sweet you have a budding Nurses Assistant! xo

  2. They are so lucky to have each other.
    Very sweet!


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