Friday, July 1, 2011

My Creative Space: State of the Art (Room)

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that we're on new grounds this year, which means that everything that was in my old art room had been packed, moved, and stored for the winter.  This week has been an absolute frenzy of unpacking, organizing, and, of course, decorating.

  In my search for quotable quotes and inspirational phrases to adorn the art room walls, I've developed an abiding addiction to Pinterest.   Seriously.

The kids have been busily harassing the wildlife, and we've been privileged to host 3 frogs, 17 efts, and a little gray mouse this week.  I'm enforcing the "no little critters I didn't give birth to in the house" rule pretty strongly this year, and the only violator to date has been a teeny frog who seems to have made his way into the bungalow unassisted.  The guy in this photo is named "Compassion," if you ask Rachmy, but is known as "Buford" to some of his pals.  I've discovered it's best not to ask too many questions.
If you were waiting patiently to buy the Make It Easy e-book, today is your lucky day.
Click on the link on the upper right  sidebar, and I'll email you out a copy of the PDF.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Pinterest is HUGELY addictive. Enjoy your new space! x

  2. Glad you're getting something good from Pinterest!

    I love it.

    I also love seeing the Camp Craft room.

    Even a frog named Compassion would give me the table-top screams. Sorry Buford.

  3. Looks like everyone is hard at work in the new space! I try to stay off pinterest - get too addicted to everyone's gorgeous images if I stay there too long :-)
    have a great weekend Wendy

  4. Awwww ~ hello Compassion. Very cute, for a frog. Are you teaching art in this space? Looks huge a fun!

  5. Clearly I am going crazy. I think, (though I'm no longer sure) that I meant to say 'Looks like huge fun!'

  6. Cute froggy... I'd offer to give him kiss, but if he turned into a prince, I'd have to tell him, sadly, that this princess has already married herself a prince and he will have to go searching elsewhere for his very own princess (still, he's pretty darn cute!)


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