Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

I drove.  I unpacked.  I made a lot of stuff.  I found a new addiction.  My ego got stroked.  My heart got banged up.  I made new friends.  I missed old friends.  Things I thought would succeed were rip-roaring failures, and things I never considered projects hit the big time.  I blogged too little.  I slept too much.  I created a haven.   I repeated myself more than I thought possible. I was given opportunities to do things that scared me---and I did some of them.  I did very little laundry.  I ate too much.  I survived a long and painful bout of EITTTS.  I bought myself a tiny vacuum cleaner.  I did a big, important repair and did it well.  I swept and swept and swept.  I discovered that OCD---not mine, silly!---can be a wonderful thing. I spent a little time alone---and good things came of it. I sniffed way too much spray paint, resin, and burning Sculpey.


  1. Can I just copy this and re-post it for myself??? AMEN to everything! And we r sad yet happy that its all over, right? :D

  2. oh Wendy it's so wonderful to hear from you! Are you back?xo

  3. and had a really awesome mothers helper (im not talking about aviva)


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