Monday, September 19, 2011

Brain Dump

I should be washing the dishes.  Or flipping the laundry.  Or wrestling to hang the just-washed shower curtain before I forget about it, and somebody heads up to shower in its absence.  At the very least, I should be taking out the recycling, or unpacking another of the endless boxes that are still choking the basement and the garage.  Instead, I'm at the computer, staring out at this gray, gorgeous, drizzly morning and not getting much of anything done.  Rosh Hashannah is a week and a half away.  There are challahs to bake, menus to plan, guests to invite, and freezers to purge.  (How on earth can my freezer be so FULL when I've only been home for a month?)  I've finally bested the camp/moving laundry pile, and am back to my standard 2 loads a day.  The kids' rooms are all basically situated (we painted Esti's last week!) and the bookshelves have journeyed upwards from the basement.  My room is partially furnished and utterly closetless, so I'm trying to make some sense of things up there; mostly by spray painting things.  Yesterday my lamp got it---I set up shop in the garage to fight off the gray drizzlies and painted it a shiny silver---and things felt much more organized, somehow,  for the effort.  The kitchen would be lovely if only people would stop cooking and eating in it.  I made quinoa for the first time since camp this week---with beef stock and craisins---and it was amazing. 


  1. Hey! I talk to myself all the time. My kids tell me so. There are still boxes under the house I haven't unpacked for 12 years. They contain my stuff- my art books, sketchbooks and jars of treasures. They can stay there till it's safe for them to come out which may be a while.

  2. If only people would stop using the kitchen to cook & eat in, I'm with you there!!


Thanks for taking the time to makes me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself again.