Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Creative Space: Spray Paint Season

It's Spray Paint Season here in the Midwest---the cool, crisp days that cry out to be filled with glossy swaths of toxic color.  Loyal Midwesterner (okay, newly minted Midwesterner) that I am, I'm only too happy to do my bit.  Much has succumbed to the spell of the Rust-oleum in the past few weeks, from Esti's once-blah-now-blue dresser to the heinous, beat up metal shelves that have been knocking around the garage since our Rochester days.  A coat of Safety Red now adorns the shelves and a previously avocado-hued stepstool, making them the stars of my new, aqua and red kitchen.

Not bad for four bucks, hmm?


  1. An aqua & red kitchen..oh be still my heart! What an absolutely fantastic colour combo - lucky you! The make-overs look fantastic..and such bargains too.

  2. Haha, have just discovered spray paint myself. Oh joy. Hadn't thought of doing actual furniture though. Have some supremely ugly chairs in my kitchen. Might have to buy some spray paint for those. Sweet!

  3. Not bad at all!! I love the blue you've used on the drawers too, brilliant!

  4. great color!
    I love to renovate old furniture as well!


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