Monday, October 3, 2011

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch.

I'm keeping up with the laundry.  The kids are being fed on a regular basis, and the library books have been getting returned on time, somehow.  The house is reasonably tidy, and the groceries are bought and put away.  And I'm telling you, that's all I can manage at the moment.  I haven't made a singe piece of jewelry in over a month, there are 42-jillion boxes in the basement waiting to be unpacked, and my blogging has hit an all time low.  Because, really, people---do you have an abiding interest in my floor-sweeping, meatloaf-making, or Swiffer-hacking? (Okay, maybe the Swiffer-hacking bit: I bought a pack of car-detailing cloths to replace the very un-green Swiffer pads. Washable.  Cool, yeah?)  I wash, I fold, I put away.  I cook, they eat, I foist the dishes off on somebody else.  And I spray paint stuff.  Maybe the fumes are getting to me?


  1. My life goes in waves like that. At the moment I'm working in the opposite to you. House is a mess. We are eating out tonight. We can't even pay a visit to the library because there's no chance I'd get the books back on time. I AM sewing a lot more though, and that makes me glow inside and able to cope with the chaos around me :O)

  2. Don't worry, we still love hearing from you, even if in small bursts. I've hit that too's BORING, why would anyone want to hear about it??


Thanks for taking the time to makes me feel a little less like I'm talking to myself again.