Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Creative Space: Before and After

When we moved into our house in Rochester, a pair of these nifty little night tables were part of the package.


They proved useful, if not comely.  

Since it's been unseasonably warm this week, I decided to bite the bullet and make them less hideous.  (Yes, there was spray paint involved.  What, did you think I was actually going to use paint stripper and other scary stuff like that to refinish something?  Really?)

We started with the traditional nightstand-in-the-kiddie-pool-cum-paint-dropcloth scenario, as usual.  (Seriously, BEST dropcloth ever.)
A couple of coats of primer and things were looking good.  (Well, better, anyway.)

But here's the real improvement:

Even The Huz, who is violently opposed to the painting of wood, voiced his approval.
Posted by Picasa~If anyone's wondering, I used Rust-Oleum's Dark Walnut and Stainless Steel.~


  1. i love a before and after...and this one is great!!! fantastic update to an otherwise sad look night stand xx

  2. I love before & afters too!! This looks gorgeous, nice work..


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