Friday, November 25, 2011

Catching up: a tale of suspense, adenoids, bilateral myringotomy and grape icepops.

So the thrower-upper had her surgery as scheduled on  Tuesday, thank goodness---I wasn't looking forward at all to the possibility of delaying it just because of a bed-ful of pukey sheets and a 6 hour stomach bug.  We were instructed to arrive at the surgicenter at 11:45, and surgery was supposed to commence around one.  Cleverly, I brought a stash of work goodies to keep me entertained, and my computer and headphones to do the same for Chevi.

I glued, colored and folded happily while she "worked" on the laptop and begged for Glee videos.   This ended up being a Good Thing, as we weren't even called into a cubicle until 2:15, and they wheeled by little Versed stoner off to the O.R. at ten till three.


Aaand here she is, scarcely an hour later, less adenoids, and sporting a shiny new pair of Shepard tubes.  (She insists they're pink---and who am I to contradict her?) 
In only minutes, she'd wangled a grape icepop and a drink with a bendy straw.  The kid is talented, I'll give her that.  She was deeply distressed by the oxygen meter thingy on her finger, and nudged the nurse about it till she finally (finally!) relented and took it off.  We made it home around suppertime, fully armed with painkillers, eardrops, and antibiotics, and the requisite stash of frozen confections. 

As I was settling her into her bed, she looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, can you make everybody stop talking so loudly?  I just had surgery." 

I'd call that a win.


  1. Are Shepard Tubes like grommets? I'm glad the Op went okay.

    If she's got grommets, you'll have a new child! I love them.

  2. She's so sweet. All the best to her for a quick recovery! I can't believe you have six must be so busy! Just like an Italian mamma! My Sicilian grandmother had 14 children, but that was in the 40s, now Italians don't even want one child! Greetings from a Sicilian in Rome, I am following you, you have a cute blog!


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