Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Craft Show: Debriefing

So I did my first show on Sunday.  And I made back my booth fee, which was my first concern.  I even sold a little beyond that, so I’m feeling like it was a success.  My booth looked a little thin, in retrospect, so I’ll need to beef up my inventory before the next one rolls around.  I was very happy with the ornament display my 12-year-old helped me put together:

And I found myself in dire need of an earring showbox once I’d set up most of my table.  Luckily, I’d packed my trusty glue gun --along with a ridiculous and unnecessary assortment of ”just in case” goodies---in my supply box(es).   So I MacGyvered this little drawer display that I’ll be using in the future.

Brooches, rings, and pendants all landed in this mini-muffin pan that got sprayed green the night before the show. 

I was amazed to find that I hadn’t forgotten anything at all---not the camera, the wire cutters, or even my special bag of vendor Red Hots.  I did a bit of wirework while I manned my booth, and people seemed happy to watch even if they had no interest in buying.  I'm looking forward to round two next month!

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