Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Creative Space: Sticky

Let no one tell you that all caulk is created equal. And furthermore, let no one tell you that shopping for caulk is anything like shopping for, say, shoes. Because oftener than not, color is the deciding factor in my shoe shopping. Apparently, this should not be the case when one is caulk shopping. You see, I painted my window frames, I cut pegboard to fit, and I painted the pegboard. I waited for everyhting to dry, and was alarmed to discover thast in spite of my frequent pre-cut measuring, there were gaps betwixt my painted frames and my painted pegboard. At this point, I turned to The Huz for advice.
"Caulk," he offered. "Caulk will fill in the little (he was being gracious here) spaces. And it comes in colors!" Off I toddled to my Home (Depot) away from home. I don't have a whole lot of caulk experience, but I know where they keep it. (Across from the spray paint, in case you were wondering...) Anyhoo, they had lots and lots of caulk. All kinds of caulk. And, lo, it came in a host of colors, one of which matched the Dark Walnut of my frames to a tee, although my fancy color was a smidge pricey. Still, it was only a dollar more, and I was getting a little fed up with the whole project, so I wasn't about to quibble. I sallied forth to my favorite checkout guy, who batted not one eyelash at the latest in my string of Depot-purchases. "Have fun!" he called after me, and off I went.

After the exhaustive (and exhausting) search for the caulk gun was over, I set about caulking the gaps. Sort of. Because this caulk had the texture of, say...cookie dough. Which is tough to extrude through a knitting-needle sized hole. Thinking I was being a bit of a girl, I manned up and kept at it, sweating and swearing like I possessed Y chromosomes in spades. (Did I mention that this little adventure was taking place at the dining room table? It was, as the weather had turned gray and relentlessly soggy overninght, driving me in from my usual backyard post.) Finally, halfway through the second frame, I called in the local muscle, who indicated that I'd managed to buy some funky caulk. He did finish the job, though, and I left everything to dry on the table. I was chagrined to find that the caulk hadn't cured when I woke up the next morning, or even by supper that evening. Which prompted another trip Home (Depot)-ward in search of Regular Caulk in The Wrong Shade of Brown. Things were comparatively easy from that point onward, but there were some significant spray-paint moments involved. I'm exhausted, I'm covered in still-sticky-caulk, and I'm nowhere NEAR ready for this show on Sunday. Any advice, people? 

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  1. I'll never buy caulk after that tale of horror.

    You're a better woman for this experience, I'll grant you.

    I do think the boards look cool. You could wallpaper them.

  2. Oh, dear. No advice, just sympathy. The displays look fantastic, though!


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