Sunday, January 1, 2012

All's Quiet on the (Mid)Western Front.

Not a lot going on at the moment.  We're doing the dailies, of course, and waiting for snow.  Other than that, things are slow.  It's been gray and overcast for most of the week, making for lousy picture-taking conditions as well as an acute case of homebody-itis.  I had an death-defying bout of what we'll politely call "gastro" last week, and actually went so far as to spend a full day in bed and drink several bottles of vile Gatorade.  (UGH.)  That, combined with the dismal weather, has made me feel like curling up with a book and a mug of hot soup and blowing off the real world.

But the guts are doing much better, thank you, and we actually got some snow this afternoon, so I'm a tidge  more chipper than I've been.  My new cell phone is on its way--- since the old one disapparated two weeks ago and, providentially, I was due for an upgrade.  Those of you who haven't heard from me in a fortnight can rest assured that I'll be programming in your personal ringtones by Tuesday evening.

The kiddos and I are dreaming of the garden we're going to create this spring.  Milwaukee has finally passed its chicken law---city residents are able to have up to 4 chooks---and Akiva is bursting with mini-coop plans and breed options.  The girls are eying seed catalogs and debating the virtues of raspberries over blueberries, and I'm trying to fathom our 95% concrete back yard growing anything.  Lots of raised beds, I suppose.  Yup, feels like January.

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