Monday, December 26, 2011

Craft Show III, ADD, and Me.

It's been a busy week.  Sunday, I did my third show, which I helped to coordinate.  Had some new tricks up my sleeve, including the nifty stamps I used on my once-plain brown paper bags.  The setup is essentially the same as it was last time...

...but there are a bunch of things I'm looking to change up.  My bunting is starting to look kind of rumpled, which is not quite the image I'm shooting for.  Also, I'm feeling like all the green is a bit much, so I'm on the prowl for ideas about what to cover the table with.  I forgot a bunch of my signs, and had to fudge a couple and do without one entirely.  And see that solitary burlap display in the back?  Must. be. revamped.

Luckily, I had a slew of helpers this go round.

I'm pretty sure this one ate most of my profits.

And this one wasn't too happy to leave once the festivities had ended.

The studio has taken a hit during this succession of shows, so I'm hoping to put it to rights this week.  My workbench is hidden under all manner of findings and tools.

And my Power Tool Station (okay, the counter next to the sink) is the very picture of disarray (and headless silverware).

Naturally, I'm coping with the urgent need for organization in the way I know best: ignoring it and doing something altogether different. Here's a dark, amateurish photo of the business card holder I put together this afternoon while the Huz took the kidlets to a movie.  It's made of balsa wood, buttons, and the ever present paper bags.  Amazing what lurks inside these cupboards of mine.

On a final note, my new bracelets were the hottest seller at this event.  (Which was cool, since I've been sweating blood over them.)  Any clever ideas for quotes or phrases to stamp on them---with no more than 30 characters?  Yeah, that's been keeping me busy, too...

Off to light candles with the family...hope your week is filled with light!


  1. Busy. Busy. Busy. Lighting candles with the family must bring some peace and calm.

    How about "I want to hold your hand" on a bracelet?

  2. Wendy the branding is amazing!! Well done you!!

  3. You and I deal with need for organisation in exactly the same way.
    SO happy you new babies were a success! xo

  4. Hey Wendy, thanks so much for the keychains which arrived just on time, ready for Christmas!! I love your work. And you are a sweetie popping in the ornament, it will be part of our Christmas for a long time to come. Your packaging is gorgeous too. Re the green, yep, too much green, you kind of lose perspective when there is so much of one colour!! I love your bracelets, I'm not surprised they sold so well. Take care lovely one xo

  5. LOVE the bracelets! No idea what to write on them though! But in regards to toning down the green, I'd just take away the tablecloth and change it to hessian (which I think you call burlap??) or something similar?


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