Saturday, December 10, 2011

Craft Show #2: Done!

The "after" isn't a whole lot different from the "before," is it? This was a terrific show---my second, for those of you who've just tuned in or aren't paying attention---and I'm still trying to get my proverbial act together.  I made a bunch of sales, though, and people had lots of nice things to say about my work, so it was a success in my book, hands down
 Check out my new bunting!  Yup, that's the one I was working on while Chevi had her surgery.  It's lighter and easier to schlep around than the big wooden sign I made for my first show.  Also a heck of a lot easier to hang.
 See those burlap necklace displays?  They're about to get a significant facelift, because the "look" of my setup has changed pretty drastically since I made them. I also used them to hold my ornaments this go-round, since the hanger I made for the last show was un-hangable in this setup.  I need to work on that, I think...
 Okay, this display is my current favorite---it's lightweight, holds a boatload of product, and cost me nothing.  (Except that I had to find a new location for the potatoes, because that's the crate they usually live in.  Don't ask me how I stumbled upon this little stroke of genius---just be glad it happened and know that the spuds are doing just fine in their slightly less glamorous new-old plastic-milk-crate digs.  Get it?  Digs? Potatoes?)

 New product for this show---my washer keychains!  Even had the wherewithal to put together a drawing for a freebie, which generated a surprising amount of interest.  People got a kick out of the idea of designing their own keychains, and a couple of folks actually wrote down their ideas along with their names and email info on their entries. 
 My button jewelry got a lot of attention, and the sheer number of people who told me tales of their mothers' or grandmothers' button boxes/tins/jars boggled my mind.  If I had a button for every person who mentioned the huge stashes of buttons they have collecting dust at home, I wouldn't have to troll the thrift shops and estate sales the way I do!  (but, really---how much fun would that be?)

All in all show number two was a winner.  And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a birthday cake to frost and a pinata to hang.  Miss Chevi is having her seventh birthday part this afternoon, and her mom has been a little too craft-show-focused this week to get much planning done.  So I'm off to fly by the seat of my pants once again....I'll be back with photographic evidence later!  (Here's a teaser from the actual birthday---which I was reminded incessantly wasn't her real party---last Sunday.  Please disregard shoddy cake frosting.)


  1. It wasn't her real birthday party because while the family is great, friends are even better! We must accept that this is the facts of life for a 1st grader. And thanks for posting this, I just sent you an order that will make a great Chanukah gift I need for someone!!

  2. YAY! So happy you had a great time Wendy and it was a great show! your display looks great ! xo

  3. look at those beautiful girls! Everything looks amazing Wendy, SO glad you had a great day & made lots of sales, may there be MANY more! Also I've popped a little post on my blog just to show off your keyring..hope you don't mind, but I love it so much!!x

  4. Well done on a great looking table. I'm glad it went well for you - I imagine it is quite daunting!

    Happy birthday to your gal. Seat of the pants or carefully planned, it's all party-central fun!! x

  5. What an ace name for your business Wendy, so uplifting & congratulations on the fun you're having. Best wishes to your birthday girl, i have a couple too. Love Posie


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