Saturday, January 14, 2012

Global Climate Change: Right in My Backyard

It's been a wacky, wacky winter.  We had a sprinkling of snow back in November, and since then, nuthin'.  So I wasn't too stunned when last Tuesday's forecast called for sunny skies and temps in the mid-fifties, although thirties had been the norm for a few months.

I rounded up the troops and the spray paint, and took care of some projects that have been languishing on the back burner, waiting for their (literal) day in the sun.  Shani quickly amused herself with a stick and some dirt (she's nothing if not able to self-amuse, thank heavens!) and I got to spraying.

Short sleeves, folks.  Mid-January.
I found this huge, hideous/marvelous frame in someone's back alley when we got back from camp.  I'm planning to put a chalkboard inside, now that it's all shiny and chrome-y.  It used to be all peel-y and dull bronze-y.  Ugh.  Shiny makes everything better.

These jobbies are on their way to becoming mini-chalkboard signs for my craft-fair table.  Tip:  When spray-painting balsa wood, stick it down to the surface you're painting on with a scrap of duct tape.  Otherwise, you'll find yourself taking some much-needed (but less-wanted) exercise as you chase the wily little bits of wood around the yard. 

And here's what Wednesday brought. 


That's more like it!
Hope you're enjoying the weather where you are, too...


  1. Oh look at that snow!!! Lucky ducks! Loving your frame work, gorgeous!

  2. You've got 'crafty skills'! Nice!...But you can keep that snow where you are! LOL...I' just visiting from Twitter.


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