Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneaky me.

I am a terrible gift-giver.  I put a tremendous amount of thought into choosing a present.  Then I wrap it with care and, on a good day, a little ingenuity.  And then I am overwhelmed by the NEED to give the gift RightThatVerySecond.  Which leaves me giftless and kind of dumb-looking when the actual occasion for gift-giving rolls around.  (And in the unlikely event that I manage to restrain myself from hurling the gift at the gift-ee in the fifteen minutes after the last strip of cellotape is stuck onto the package, then I simply burst at the seams with wanting to tell them about it.)

So when I decided to send Jess a sneaky little present, I was in agony.  Because Jess, for all of her other wonderful, redeeming, downright endearing qualities, lives in AUSTRALIA.  And packages take for-freaking-ever to get to The Land Down Under.  (Right, Mel? Beck?) Which means that I've been on tenterhooks---or shpilkes, if you want to be all Yiddish about it---since the postman took the package from my (already twitchy) hands.  First there was the agony of Week One---the "No, it's not possible it's there yet, so there's no point in thinking about it," line of reasoning.  Then we progressed to Week Two and the "What if it's gotten lost in the mail?" blues.  (This actually happened to one of my packages about a month ago.  So not fun.) 

Last night, though, I was up late (and I mean craaaaazy late) with a migraine, and after hours of insomnia and useless attempts at derailing the pain, I gave up and pulled out my laptop.  And lo! it had arrived.  All the way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA to Jess' kitchen table---which is really quite lovely---and she liked it.  Which didn't make my headache go away, exactly, but made me so happy and goofy (which could have been aided and abetted by the combination of sleeplessness, Excedrin, and Pepsi) that I kept giggling.  Loudly.  As a matter of fact, I may have woken up a couple of smalls with my shenanigans.


  1. I LOVE the cuff! So nice of you to send one. Will you be having them in your etsy shop??

    1. Thanks, Cath! They're in the shop now:

  2. Liked it? You Dweeb! I LOOOOOOVED it, how often do I have to say it.
    i still can't get over you sending it to me, really you're tooo much.
    And yes im exactly the same about giving gifts, to people xo


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