Monday, January 23, 2012

Sugar High---Jelly Belly Warehouse Trip

We set the GPS for our destination and headed off for adventure.

Seriously.  Jelly Belly's that for an address?  We had no problem finding the place---it's not exactly what you'd call  nondescript.  (And, no, it wasn't actually that gray today.  I think my windshield may be in need of a vigorous scrubdown.)

Once inside, the kiddos were enthralled by the vast variety of goodies on offer---especially the Harry Potter treats.

Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Beans!  (Kosher!)

Chocolate Frogs! (Not kosher---bummer!) 
While we waited for the tour to begin, we browsed around --and took (polite, appropriate) advantage of the free samples. 

And the photo booth.

The tour was so. darned. cool.  There was a tram, first of all.  Everything's better on a tram.

And, obviously, the mandatory paper-hat-wearing added to the overall experience. 
Snazzy, hey?

And then---Peaches, are you listening?---there was the Jelly Belly Fine Art.  Portraits, to be exact.  Composed entirely of Jelly Bellies.  Like so. 

There was an Elvis, too.  But, sadly, not a trace of Inigo Montoya.

Best of all, The Huz  drove, freeing me up to make oodles of earrings in transit. (I do tend to multi-task, even while I drive,  but I almost never pull out the pliers while I'm in the driver's seat.  At least not on the highway...) 
Eyes on the shop tomorrow, folks.  Lots of new pretties headed in!


  1. Did the Jelly Belly warehouse tour in Fairfield CA some years back with the family around the time when I was with Nestle... Gavi & Akiva loved seeing all of the different portraits made out of Jelly Beans, and I remember them selling the misshaped beans at the factory store.

  2. Woot! How fun is that!?!!

  3. What a hoot!! looks like every kiddos dream! what fun! xo

  4. I freaking love jelly belly beans!! Wish I was there-yum!*

    *except for the wax and they really flavour them like this!!??


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