Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy, out-of-the-way storage for daily meds

So I have a few kids who take daily meds, and I've always kept them on the kitchen windowsill, right above the sink.  (Cue scary music.)  You know as well as I do that this is a Bad Idea, not only because the sunlight can't be good for the meds, but because the kids were getting a vocabulary lesson every time I knocked somebody's &%$*!# medicine into the &%$*!# sink.

But I didn't want to keep the meds in the medicine cabinet--how trite!--because then I wouldn't see them.  And  if I didn't see them, I would invariably forget to administer them.  Which is also a Bad Idea.  So finally---thanks, Pinterest!---after seeing everything from spices to puffy paint bottles to makeup magnetized and stuck to something of a metalic nature, it occurred to me:  I have magnets, and I have a great big metal fridge.

No more soggy drugs, people!  And I'm happy with the fact that they're high up enough to be inaccessible to all but the most motivated preschooler.

Now, I'm off to search for other bits and bobs to stick magnets to.  Because everybody needs a hobby, right?


  1. i have the new fangled fridges that dont magnetize

  2. my all time favorite adhesive is VELCRO!!! In seminary i had the soft pieces on my stuff and the hard pieces around my dorm room. i had a pen stuck to the bed on top of me, two pieces fro my phone one near the outlet and the other above my head so i could see the time at night, a piece on my wall for my ipod and another on the bottom of the shelf in my cabinet that was below eye level so that i can leave it safely in the room overnight if i was away. I also brought 3 stick and click lights for when the roomies were sleeping except instead of permanently sticking them i put little pieces of velcro in many strategic spots so that i could see different things in the room. I did use magnets to store my usb storage devices but someone told me that magnets ruin stuff like that so it was a bad idea... ithink


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