Thursday, February 16, 2012

Watch out, Punky Brewster! You, too, Rainbow Brite...

My 7 year old dresses herself.  Every day.  
Check out the Pinterest-inspired upccled headband
And the Pinterest-inspired menu board for the kitchen.  (Cabinet door from the free pile at ReStore + chalkboard paint + white paint pen.)  Me likey. (Pardon my craptastic nighttime photography.)


  1. LOVE the menu!!! Soooooooo awesome!!!

  2. Love the menu!! But in our house it'd be a little different: Monday-hot dogs, Tues-meatballs Weds-meat Thurs--steak Fri-cow

  3. Sigh, I love the menu board. If only I knew what we were having for dinner every night of the week. I don't even know what we are having tonight.

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  5. Look at that happy girl, she looks gorgeous! Love that menu board what a great idea! It's the first thing the kids ask the second they see me at school!


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