Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love means never having to say you're sorry...

...even if you've all but stopped blogging, and your faithful readers are left to wonder whether you've perished at the hands of your hangry offspring.  Fear not, Faithful Readers!  I have returned! (Albeit without apologies.  Try to deal.)

There has been a great deal of doctor-going in these parts.  Since I'm usually of the "Doctors-only-make-things-worse," mindset, it has been an awkward experience for me.  I've been in a boot to rest my miserably swollen anterior tibial tendon for almost two months, and it's not gotten a whole heckuva a lot better. So it's off to the doc for an MRI this week, in addition to the usual bouts of carpool, dishes, and laundry.  As for the other doctor-related issue, suffice it to say that all is well.  Whew!

Akiva and I had a date this week...went to an Audubon Society event where we met two falconers and their birds.  It was amazing for him, as he's developed a keen interest in falconry since he read My Side of the Mountain.   For me, it was a little stressful, as I'm not enthusiastic about watching birds of prey gnaw on furry squirrel legs.  But I kept my Good Mom hat on, and managed not to chuck my cookies in public.

Would it be vastly inappropriate to throw in some week-old photos that I should have blogged about before this?  Esti and I took the kiddos to the park on a blustery spring day and got some pretty good camera action.

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  1. Never a need to apologize! I've been very slack on the blog scene of late. Gorgeous pics of your kido's, hope the MRI gives you something to work with so can fix up that tendon..x


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