Monday, December 14, 2009

Division of Labor

This little chore chart was my first Midwestern craft project. And, like most of my undertakings, it was born of necessity. With six kiddos, it gets hard to keep track of whose jobs are whose. Naturally, I could have made a chart on the back of an envelope, stuck it on the fridge, and called it a day, but I chose instead to cut, paste, punch and drill my way to chore-ganization.

Step one: Spend a quarter on a bulletin board at thrift shop.
Step two: Spend 2 days digging through basement of rental house in search of boxes of craft stuff.
Step three: Give up, go to Michaels and spend 40% less than highway robbery on box of cool scrapbook paper.
Step four: Open box of ridiculously-expensive-even-with-a-coupon scrapbook paper, then locate "missing" boxes of craft supplies in "safe place."
Step five: Inadvertently teach children varied and colorful assortment of swear words.
Step six: Spend three days sifting through forgotten goodies.
Step seven: Use scrapbook paper, paper punches, rubber stamps, punch out letters, etc, to create job board and hang tags.
Step eight: Mod podge board, then drive in many many nails to hang jobs on. (Take this opportunity to further expand expletive vocabulary of offspring.)
Step nine: Struggle valiantly to refrain from employing aforementioned vocabulary while assigning chores to unwilling loin-fruit.
Step ten: Admire, hang on wall, and promptly draft into use as key/camera hanging station.

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