Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Scarlet Letter

So Chanukah is in less than a week, and Yours Truly has finally started gift production. (In my defense, we're in between two moves, and have been living out of boxes since August...) I have a silly habit of making a gift, then getting so psyched about it that I need to show it to all and sundry. "Sundry" usually includes the intended recipient of said gift, which is why I tend to be a last-minute-gift-maker. Less time to give away my surprises.[gallery size="medium" columns="2"]

Anyway, since we're moving into a new home and mixing up the roommate arrangements, I decided to give the kids decor items for their rooms. (Yup, pillows.) So, for Akiva's pillow, I turned to my old friend Freezer Paper, and took one of Jess' old button down shirts and got to work. I stenciled Hester Prynne's monogram of choice on the back of the shirt, cut up a perfectly hideous denim wrap skirt to make some trim, and VOILA! One (slightly wonky) present down, 7 to go! Total cost? Absolutely free. Love that!

On another note, I hit the library and picked up a new book yesterday: A Greener Christmas , edited by Sheherazade Goldsmith. Odd, considering the fact that I'm an observant Jew? Well, maybe...but her book is jam packed with beautiful (and adaptable) craft ideas, recipes, and green tips. Yummy photos, simple directions, and and enough decorating, wrapping, and presentation ideas to keep me dreaming of sugarplums along with my latkes.

Meanwhile, we're mid-blizzard here in Des Moines, so I'm all about pajamas, hot chocolate, jigsaw puzzles, and The Lucy Show. (Jess and I are sharing our childhoods via classic TV with the kidlets.) Cozy, no? Stay warm...

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