Monday, January 25, 2010

Bedskirts? Check!

I'm delighted to inform you that, thanks to Anna over at Noodlehead, my beds no longer look as though their gotkes are hanging out.  Anna's  30-Minute Modern Bed Skirt tutorial was a breeze to follow and yielded 2 classy-looking bedskirts for $0 (I never use topsheets, but I always buy topsheets.  Score!) and only a moderate amount of effort.  (Would have been considerably less effort, mind you, if my flippin' presser foot didn't wiggle off every six minutes or so...what's up with that?)

Here's the Before:

And the After:  (I swear, the bedskirt didn't turn my comforter funny colors.  That's just my characteristically appalling photography skillset.  Sorry.)

And, as if a new bedskirt isn't exciting enough, I get to cross out an item from my list! The excitement never ends, folks.

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  1. My bed still looks like "before" - I put a skirt around it, but my four-legged companion thought differently. He keeps pulling it out from under the mattress to use as a blanket.


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