Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So much to make...

so little time! Yesterday, I scored a 50's kitchen table in need of some TLC and a nice white wooden chair (in the same condition) from a Craigslist curb-alert. The chair will be for the boys' room, with the Ikea sailboat curtains standing in as upholstery fabric for the seat. Picked up some cherry-red Rust-oleum for my sewing table, and some felt and ribbon to make hairclips for the girlies (in my spare time)...Trying to decide if I really want to try using fondant for Chevi's birthday cake next month---after watching Cake Boss in the hotel last weekend, I'm feeling inspired![gallery size="medium" columns="2"]

The thing is, there are all these little people who keep asking to be fed, and bathed, and put to bed. They want me to play CandyLand, and watch them fight with lightsabers, and bring them to the library. I like them a lot, but I'm trying to figure out how to get anything done while they're around. (Especially the short ones.) Have you ever tried to sew a log-cabin pillow (from a pair of freecycled jeans, thank you very much...) while you're nursing an 18-month-old and entertaining her 4 and 7-year old siblings? It can be done, folks (and I did it last night) but I'm telling you, it ain't easy. The good stuff never is.

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