Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Creative Space: Slow Going

Nothing much has been happening in the Haven O' Craft this week.  For starters, it's flippin' cold in there.  I was goggle-eyed over the fabulous light in there when I claimed it as my own, and  neglected to notice that it has all of the climate control of your average igloo.  So I bundle up, dash inside, grab whatever I must have to survive, and hightail it out before I freeze my earlobes off.  And, as in days gone by, I do my crafting at the dining room table.  Oh, how I long for Spring...

Anyhoo, this week's craftiness has been sorely limited by the sad fact that the whole world is crashing down about my head and neck.  Doctor's appointments, meetings, work deadlines, holiday prep and the ubiquitous laundry-and-dishes-go-round are having their wicked way with me.  And what do I have to show for my efforts?

A single bloom.
Scoot on over to Kirsty's and see what everybody else is up to this week!


  1. Well, it's better than NO bloom, right? I hear you on the everyday busy-ness. Good luck!

  2. Don't forget, Pesach cleaning is right around the corner...

  3. And a beautiful bloom it is! Keep building those blooms and before you know it you will have a whole garden. My problem is I have now started to put myself before the cleaning. I have alot of creative satisfaction but a really messy house. It's hard to get the balance sometimes...x

  4. Pretty bloom despite the cold! I know exactly what you mean I actually can't feel my toes at the moment! I think we had our one day of sun yesterday, back to the rain and cold today, bbbbrrr.....

  5. Nice bloom! I hope things warm up a bit around your house soon.

  6. I think your one bloom looks fabulous! It is hard sometimes to find time to craft in a house of 5. I cannot even imagine a house of 8!! I hope things start to warm up soon in your world. X


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