Monday, March 28, 2011

Out like a lamb, my eye...

Still freezing here, although there's no more snow on the ground.  The days are longer, the crocuses are emerging, and I'm still sleeping under three blankets.  When I'm sleeping, that is.  I seem to be doing less and less of that, as Pesach approaches, as camp approaches, and as the Etsy shop slowly, slowly takes shape.  The light box has been banished to a dark corner of the basement in favor of a mildly sunny window, and my goal for this week is to crank out an item each day. To photograph and write a listing for one item, each day, as well.  Oh, yeah---and to feed and clothe the kidlets each day, and make sure that they get their daily recommended allotments of both shampoo and Quality Time.



  1. It's hard to fit everything in, isn't it?

    I feel your frustration ... though it's not freezing here, thank Queen Esther.

    Just keep plugging away at those earrings.

  2. Good on you! I've been trying to get my etsy shop up for ages and I've still only listed 1 item. Bah.


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